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The Best 27 Minutes Thus Far…

I just got off the phone with M, the intended mother that the owner of the agency thought I would be a great match with.

I was nervous the entire day. I wondered what we would talk about, if there would be any awkward silence, or if we would click at all. I put my kids to bed a bit earlier than usual, and just sat there and waited for 7:45 PM. Wendy from the agency called me first to chat. We then got off the phone and she and M 3 way called me. I was scared to answer-this was it.

When I picked up I immediately heard the most welcoming and happy voice. My nerves faded and we both just began to laugh. Not an awkward laugh, but a laugh of joy and a laugh of relief. We were happy-happy “meet” one another. We talked about our expectations for this journey and what we hoped it would look like. We both cried a lot and just wanted to hug one another. Everything we said was in sync. We were on the same page. We wanted the same things out of this. We were a match. We want to go through this journey together, as a family, and we want there to be a relationship after the birth as well. We aren’t sure what that will look like, but we know that this relationship is special and meant to last a lifetime.

In that 27 minutes with M, I felt like we were one of the same-a true match. Someone that has been missing from your life that you never knew you needed. I know M literally needs me-as in to give her the gift of a baby. But, I need her, not just any intended mother, but her.

Wendy from the agency immediately texted me after we hung up.


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