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Hurry up and wait…

This week I was full of frustration. It has been 3 months since I applied to be a gestational carrier and in my eyes, not much has happened. I’ve applied, had my interview, my husband and I did our blood work, and that’s about it. I honestly thought I would be matched by now.

I posted in a Facebook group for GCs and IPs (intended parents) and shared my frustration with the timeline. Boy was I shot down. I was told over and over that this journey is all about waiting…not my strong suit.

Quick reality check. Thanks for that.

On a positive not, I am 90% sure that I am “matched”. What does that mean? I have read the bio of Intended Parents and they have read mine. We have both agreed that we “like” on another and we would like to move forward…sort of like a dating website. They just recently had their egg fertilization and we are awaiting the results of that. Once there is confirmation that the fertilization was successful, we speak by phone. After that, I am told that I will go to their clinic in South Florida for my final exam-ultrasound of the uterus. Then on to the legal contracting, then medication, and then transfer day! All of these steps seem centuries away at the rate things are going. Give me patience, please.

The owner of the agency thinks she found the “one(s)”


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